Breaking Down a Laser Session

Breaking Down a Laser Session

Hello, friends! We are back to get even deeper into the nitty-gritty of a laser coaching session. These sessions are the fast track to whatever it is that you desire, whatever it is that you want to achieve. 

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What a Laser Session Looks Like

So let’s talk about what a laser coaching session looks like. It is a twenty-minute session, though sometimes we don’t even take the whole twenty minutes. It is that laser-focused. Before you come into a session with me, you have a sweet little form that you fill out about what is coming up, what you want to achieve, what you want to avoid. 

Just to let you off the hook right away, sometimes my clients go, “I don’t know yet. I just know there’ll probably be something I want to work on.” And lots of times, there are things to work on. So it could be a limiting belief…you know, I don’t know if I really dove into what a limiting belief is yet. A limiting belief is a belief that’s literally limiting you from stepping into and embracing your limitless, magical self. 

The first time these beliefs showed up, they felt like protections. The brain decided they were protections, and now they’re no longer serving you. So coming into a session saying, “Hey, I want to work on this limiting belief,” is amazing. And this just goes to show you that these sessions are completely based on your needs.

I have heard some people say that twenty minutes is not enough. On the contrary, twenty minutes is sometimes more than enough. Twenty minutes is plenty of time to recognize the limiting belief, get to the root, find out what it is, and discover who you would be without this belief. This is one of the many benefits of being coached in a super laser-focused way. We are lasering in on the one thing that’s keeping you from momentum that day, that week, in that project, whatever that is. 

And remember, they’re unlimited sessions. They’re unlimited because you come into a session, we go over what you want to achieve and what you want to avoid, and then we decide on the aligned action you need to take. So once you complete your aligned action, also known as homework, then you get to book your next session.

Why Twenty Minutes?

Here’s what I love about twenty minutes. You don’t have time to get stuck in your story. This is one of the best things about a laser session. See, we come in, we bring that thing out to the light, and we see it for what it really is instead of spending so much time talking around it that we get lost in it. We come in, we look at it, we identify what you want to achieve and what you want to avoid, then decide on the aligned action. The moment you decide on the aligned action, we’re done with that session. 

Here’s the magic: this is your soul-aligned business. This is your extraordinary life. We will talk through what some momentum action steps look like, but you decide. You show up for you. I’m here. I’m holding the space. I absolutely am guiding you to create the container, but it’s your container. It gets to feel really good to you.

Some clients I’ll see two or three times a week, some clients I see once a month, and some clients I reach out to and say, “Your coach misses you!” I get to hold the space for that. We get to make magic together as I teach and guide you to rewire your brain. 

And again, there’s not a lot of people out there that do laser coaching. I love it, but I haven’t run into anybody that does it. Every single client I have absolutely loves the speed of the session and that they can fit it in their schedule whenever they need. It’s not something that they have to search and search and search for because it’s an hour session. It’s twenty minutes. Everyone can find that twenty minutes to work on something that they really want to work on.

There You Have It!

So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it today for why I absolutely adore my laser sessions and why they’re pivotal to the program. This is the momentum. This is after we do those other structural sessions, the strategy and the timeline technique and the hypnosis. These laser sessions are the difference-makers.

They keep you focused, because they are laser-focused. They keep you moving toward what you want and away from what you don’t want. They keep you stepping into the identity you want and allowing you to ask yourself, who am I being? Who do I get to be? Who would I be without this limiting belief? And what would open up for me then that’s a question that we ask all the time in a laser session.Thank you so much for being here with me today. I am so excited to go on this journey with you. If you’re finding yourself saying yes, you want to work on rewiring your brain, you want to release the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from basically everything you desire, then all you have to do is go to and schedule a breakthrough call with me. We’re gonna uncover what’s keeping you from achieving your desires, understand what you get to avoid, and how you get to start creating the results you deserve. We’re going to make sure that Unlimited Mindset Mastery Laser Coaching is the perfect fit for you.

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