How to Bring Your Vision Board to Life

How to Bring Your Vision Board to Life

Are you ready to finally bridge the gap between what’s on your vision board and your day to day reality?! Keep reading!

(Or, you can listen to the full podcast here!)

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on One Step Empire Podcast with Kristy Carruthers, Founder of SHEcorporated. During our time together, we talked about how to bring your vision board to life!

Most of us have gotten pretty good at setting big goals, right?  Yet, the question is….how do make it a reality??

How do we believe in ourselves and our ability to reach that goal enough to actually get there?

During the podcast, I teach you how to cut and paste your “of course” energy and use mental rehearsal to rewire your brain. You will finally bridge that gap, and step into the life on our vision board!!

“So many pivotal aha moments on the podcast today that you are going to be able to use in your life to make any dream, any outcome reality for yourself.”

– Kristy Carruthers

Listen to the full podcast HERE!

bring your vision board to life

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