You're ready to Master your Mindset, aren't you?

What is Mindset Mastery Unlimited Laser Coaching?

It’s the best strategy designed FOR YOU to uplevel your clarity, productivity, focus, and confidence and adopt a mindset wired toward growth, freedom, and abundance.

The Unlock Your Magic formula was created for your success. Using NLP to rewire your brain for success and hypnosis to create feelings to free you from habits, thoughts, and beliefs that are keeping you overwhelmed, exhausted, and in a cycle of self-sabotage and doubt.

It’s uncovering what’s keeping you from everything you really want.

It’s learning what is preventing you from having the soul aligned business, and the extraordinary life you really deserve.  

Supercharge Your Success: 2 - Session Intensive

Let’s discover what’s holding you back and what’s making you a little bit (or a shit ton) reluctant to move forward and become the next best version of yourself.

I’ll use a powerful combination of NLP, Timeline Techniques, and Hypnosis to uncover self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs while also identifying areas of your conscious and subconscious that are out of alignment.

This means you can move forward in abundant growth because your conscious and subconscious are completely aligned and wired for success.

What this includes:

  • 1 (approx 65 min) NLP/Timeline session – where we reveal and release the base emotions that trigger your limiting beliefs
  • 1 (50 min) Hypnosis session to align your conscious and subconscious to activate your success mindset
  • A personalized influence meditation MP3 for daily listening to encourage the rewiring of your thought patterns


Meet Teresa Cleveland | Founder of The Growth Strategies Café

Terea Cleveland Growth Strategies Cafe

I was so pumped to find someone who was the Real Deal , using effective techniques.

Before working with Mindi I felt frustrated and tired of being stuck. I needed help! I needed someone I could trust to roll up their sleeves and get to the heart of the issues that were holding me back. Working with her felt like a breath of fresh air. The highly effective simplicity and ease of her process is just what I needed in my busy world. During our sessions I noticed myself having more clarity, more confidence, and the freedom to be me without judgment.

Mindi’s genuine ability to connect and get to the heart of things, things I didn’t even notice was my biggest takeaway. I was so pumped to find someone who was the real deal, using effective techniques. She doesn’t just spew the same old, tired mindset jargon and “tactics” that I see everywhere.

Since working with Mindi I’ve raised my visibility and voice online without hesitation.  I summarized a to-do list for a client that was dragging their feet and gave them a solid end of services date.  I deleted some products and services that I no longer want to offer with no regrets.  I booked a guest spot in someone’s FB group which turned into a paid spot in another of their programs. Outlined my services for the 2nd half of the year. Took action on some good opportunities I had been procrastinating on. I’ve stopped negatively judging myself. I successfully created and held a workshop. I’ve since scheduled the next one and raised the price.

My work with Mindi will continue to impact my life because I have been able to move through many limiting thoughts and behaviors. While I am sure there will be more to work through in the future, there’s no way to unknow what I know and have experienced now. I have solid tools that I will continue to use. And of course, I know where to find her when something comes up that I feel I need help with.

You’ve got to jump on a call with Mindi. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the impact you’ll experience in just one conversation and that’s before you even start working with her!

Mindset Mastery Unlimited Laser Coaching

It's like having a
Mindset Mastery Coach in Your Pocket!

Imagine the results you could create with…

12 months of unlimited laser coaching – the dedicated, high level support you deserve

Uplevel your confidence and clarity so you can make better decisions and tap into strategies that support you.

Create empowering habits that move you forward and more.

Together we will break the limiting beliefs, ideologies, and self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that keep you from having the soul-aligned business and extraordinary life you were made for.

What this includes:

  • 2 (30 min) sessions to get clear on what you want to achieve & avoid
  • 2 (approx 65 min) NLP/Timeline sessions where we reveal and release the base emotions that trigger your limiting beliefs
  • 2 (50 min) Hypnosis sessions with MP3 recording to align your conscious and subconscious and activate your success mindset
  • 2 (approx 65 min) Rapid Rewire sessions to de-identify with stuck emotions, release emotional charge and move to a place of choice 
  • Your 20-minute laser sessions are unlimited in number.

The process is pretty simple, schedule a session, agree on an aligned action aka homework. Then schedule a new session when your homework is complete.

Voxer access

All sessions are conducted via Zoom

You deserve Support – This is your Solution!

$10,000 paid in full

(monthly payments available)

Unlock Your Magic 16 Session Intensive

This 16 Session Intensive includes focused NLP and Hypnosis sessions for women like you who want to create massive change in all areas of their life. It’s a deep dive into the roots of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.

Together we work to reveal and release the limiting beliefs and thought patterns, while learning to unlock the confidence within yourself and rewiring your brain so that you can be a master of your mindset. 

Using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to rewire y9our brain for success and hypnosis to create the feelings to free you from habits, thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you overwhelmed, exhausted and in a cycle of self-sabotage and doubt.

I hold the safe space for you, as you break free from the beliefs and thoughts stopping your success. 

You will experience transformation and that can sometimes feel scary. This is where my role as your Mindset Mastery coach does the most work – assuring you every step of the way that you are seen, heard, capable and so worth it. It’s time to embrace your magic and become the confident, wildly successful woman you were made to be!

What this includes: 

  • 16 Weekly, Private, One-On-One Coaching Sessions via Zoom
    In these zoom coaching calls, I’ll share customized coaching exercises that are GUARANTEED to accelerate your results and help you achieve major breakthroughs so you can see transformation in your life – FAST 
  • Sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes
  • Voxer access


$8500 paid in full

(monthly payments available)

Essential Energy Meditations for Entrepreneurs

Developing the habit of daily meditation will help you create the mindset for your SUCCESS.

You GET TO start thinking greater thoughts, NOW.  Your thoughts create the reality you WANT!

I’ve created this 4-part meditation series, especially for you, the entrepreneur.

Morning Success: 
Start your day intentionally and show up as your highest self.

Evening Success:  
End the day in purposeful gratitude and restful sleep.

Stress Relief:  
Reset and refocus.  Let go of what’s holding you back and step into your day recharged.

BONUS: Confidence Brain Priming

Make these a part of your daily routine, and make your success inevitable!