How to Create a Soul-Aligned Business

How to Create a Soul-Aligned Business Through Laser Coaching

Unlimited Mindset Mastery Laser Coaching is the fastest way for you to create your soul-aligned business and step into your extraordinary life!

Let’s dive into:

  • What that looks like
  • What happens in the process
  • What the transformation gets to be

Rewiring Your Brain Step by Step

The Unlimited Mindset Mastery Laser Coaching Program is a twelve-month program. It starts with three foundational sessions. 

The first step in rewiring your brain is finding our strategy. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to avoid? What’s the aligned action we’re going take over the next twelve months? 

The second step to rewiring your brain is where we reveal and release the triggers, the limiting beliefs, and the base emotions that are keeping you overwhelmed, overthinking, and in way too much self-doubt. Picture a garden where we’re digging out the weeds, right? 

The third step is a hypnotherapy session where we activate your success. Picture that same garden now where we’ve planted all the seeds and all the abundance that you’ve dreamed of. 

The Big Mo (Momentum)

After those three foundational sessions of working toward rewiring your brain, hang on to your seat! Now we’re kicking into magic overdrive with the laser coaching sessions…also known as momentum, the Big Mo! The way that these pieces all work together in this program for rewiring your brain is the difference-maker.

So again, we’ve got the thirty-minute session, we’ve got the revealing and releasing session, we’ve got the hypnosis session, and then we’ve got the momentum. The laser coaching sessions provide all the momentum for rewiring your brain. They keep you going in the direction of your dreams. They keep you going in the direction of tripling your income in ten months, of finally giving yourself permission to create a business on your terms so you can show up and serve others in the most aligned way!

These sessions allow you to leave with the confidence to not only make decisions and take action, but to take inaction, right? To say, “Yeah, today I’m going to rest.” These sessions provide you the space to be heard, seen, and reminded that there’s no place for guilt or shame here. We’re rewiring your brain to steer clear of guilt. No shame allowed—only curiosity.

Strategy Session

In the first session for rewiring your brain we talk about what you want to achieve, what you want to avoid, and what you want the next twelve months to look like.

Sometimes people come into this session not exactly sure what they want to achieve, but they absolutely know what they want to avoid. And this is an amazing place to be. We’ll dig into what you want to avoid, and what the opposite of those things looks like. 

Then we start talking about aligned action; plans for not only “rubber meeting the road”, like taking actual action, but also plans for mental action, for starting to show up in a new way, for starting to cast votes for the next-level version of yourself.

I hope that sounds exciting to you, because my clients love this. They are continually asking themselves, “Who am I being? Who do I get to be right now?”

Planning these things out is amazing; this plan will help you get deeper into your “why.” Your “why” is vital for momentum to move you into an outcome. 

Outcomes, Not Goals

What’s an outcome? An outcome is the actual stuff that happens when we achieve something. We set goals all the time, and goals are great. They’re an aim. They’re a direction. They’re a purpose.

An outcome is what actually happens. So when you work with me on rewiring your brain, we work in outcomes. We talk about goals and intentions because they help us point us in a direction, and then we talk about how we get to achieve the outcome. What do we get to believe about ourselves? How do we get to show up to achieve the outcome? 

Not only do you set action plans, such as “Do this, call this person, write this copy,” whatever that is, we also figure out how to create the container for your success over and over and over again. The strategy session helps you get really deep on your “why,” and then you’ll be cultivating that “why” so you can cast votes toward that vision over and over and over again.

Every time you cast a vote toward the vision you’ve created, that desire, that dream life, that soul-aligned business, you’re proving to your brain that this is who you already are on the inside. You are proving to your past self that you can show up. You’re proving to your future self that you can show up. You’re building your self-confidence and you’re building your self-esteem. 

Reveal and Release

After that strategy session, we move into a step I call Reveal and Release. We have a session where we have five base emotions we release. These emotions are rooted in our subconscious, so we do is this super cool time technique process where we talk to your conscious and your subconscious, and we get them to come together and say, “We’re going to release these base emotions.” Does this mean that we’re never going to feel this way again? Nope. It just means that we are going to direct what happens, not the emotion.

I love to compare it to tilling up a garden and getting all the weeds out. We’re going to pull out all the weeds so we can have this beautiful foundation to start with. You get all kinds of learning and growth from it about how you get to show up in the future.

Here’s the thing: when you’re working with me in any capacity, whether it’s that session or any of the other sessions, the learnings that you get are empowering. They move you forward, and they’re completely about you. This isn’t about your growth, your next level, your expansion YET. 


Now we’ve arrived at the third foundational session for rewiring your brain.

We’ve uprooted all that stuff. We’ve got a plan. We know who you want to be and why. And then we have this session where we clear out all the junk that could get in the way, all of those base emotions that then can trigger the limiting beliefs. And then we move into a hypnotherapy session.

Think about it like this. Now we get to plant the seeds into that beautiful, fertile soil. The subconscious and conscious are ready to work together, which makes the soil. And once we’ve planted those seeds, when we shift into the Unlimited twenty-minute laser sessions, they’re just about watering, checking the garden, pulling a stray weed here and there. When a limiting belief comes out, we just pull it out. It’s truly…I’m going to use a cliché, REVOLUTIONARY. 

Let’s Get Started Rewiring Your Brain!

You are magical. You are limitless. You are so capable and so full of possibility, and you are absolutely worthy of every single dream and desire. I love walking with you in that and holding the space for you to catch up with me in rewiring your brain and believing that about you if you’re not quite there. 

I am so excited to go on this journey with you. If you’re finding yourself saying yes, you want to work on rewiring your brain, you want to release the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from basically everything you desire, then all you have to do is go to and schedule a breakthrough call with me.

We’re gonna uncover what’s keeping you from achieving your desires, understand what you get to avoid, and how you get to start creating the results you deserve. We’re going to make sure that Unlimited Mindset Mastery Laser Coaching is the perfect fit for you.

XO, Mindi

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