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I’m the go-to Mindset Mastery Coach for high-achieving women in business.

I know how easy it is to get stuck in limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

I help women, just like you, to show up for themselves in ways they never have before.

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Meet Michelle...
Michelle Fernandez - Growth Strategist
My biggest breakthrough and mindset shift after working with Mindi is learning the power of my “Of Course Energy”.
It’s amazing when you come to realize that when you use all the energy that you put into why something can’t or won’t happen for you…into OF COURSE it’s going to happen.
It takes way less of your energy, you feel so much lighter and the thing you wanted ACTUALLY appears and SOMETHING BETTER!
I’ve also learned how to become more self aware and snap out of a thought that doesn’t serve me and pretty much immediately go into who do I need to be in this moment, casting votes for what I want and what I’m capable of. – whereas before that one thought would become this downward spiral of thoughts and cause me to lose confidence and not take action = no results and the vicious cycles begins!
Working with Mindi helped me get my happy back AND my business is having record month after month!
Mindi is a beautiful vessel of support in a safe space where I feel comfortable, respected and understood. I love that she calls me out in order for me to grow, take action and see all the goodness inside me that I don’t see in myself. 
I absolutely recommend working with Mindi. You canNOT go on this journey alone. I don’t care what anyone says. Your personal growth is vital to the growth of your business. period. Realizing that the thoughts going through your head, the feelings you feel are all “normal” is such a relief… and having you be able to support and guide me through those thoughts and feelings and how to get through them faster into thoughts and feelings that will serve you leads to quantum leaps in your business. 

You're ready to rewire your brain for 24 Karat success and create the soul-aligned business you really want, arent you?

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Mindset Mastery Coaching!

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So tell me...
What exactly is Mindset Mastery Unlimited Laser Coaching?

Mindi Huebner

It’s the best strategy custom designed FOR YOU to consistently create the container for your goals and dreams and embrace the confident, wildly successful version of yourself.

It’s the 24 Karat Success formula I designed for your success. Using NLP to rewire your brain for success and hypnosis to create feelings to free you from habits, thoughts, and beliefs that are keeping you overworking, overthinking, and in a cycle of self-sabotage and doubt.

It’s uncovering what’s keeping you from everything you want.

It’s learning what is preventing you from having the soul-aligned business and extraordinary life you deserve.  

Transformation is the process of letting go of what no longer serves us so that we can embrace the adventure of becoming our next favorite self.

It's time to take charge of your life!

As a certified NLP Practitioner and clinical Hypnotherapist, I coach you to equip and empower yourself and show up in a way you have never before.

You can:

  • Create empowering habits
  • Increase your confidence & clarity
  • Release your limiting beliefs 

Mindset Mastery Unlimited Laser Coaching provides you with the right system, the right support, and the right accountability to help you transform your mindset, confidence, business, and life.