When we nourish, our success is inevitable


Nourishment is defined as:
Provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition via Google.

This is your reminder to nourish.
Get outside

Nourish for:
Growth – inner and outer
Health – body, mind, soul
Good Condition – being able to show 100%

What else does it look like?

Our bodies and brains need food that give us energy.
High nutrient food.

In lots of the convos I’m having with friends and clients, nourishment is coming up through the lense of stress.

Stress easily creates the following scenario:
I’m stressed so I eat…mostly food that doesn’t give me energy or make my body feel good or help keep my mind focused.

What if you don’t really want the actual food you are choosing and instead you want the feeling you get from eating that food? Get curious…how else can you create the emotion you want and skip the foods that aren’t actually serving you?

Tune into your body, ask it what it really needs, practice the pause and get curious.

And Finally…

When I nourish it can take many forms.
Somedays, it’s a run with my bestie, followed by coffee, conversation and a divine breakfast outside.

Nourishing body, mind and soul on the daily, say it again – “Daily”.
This is how we continue to show up for ourselves and others.

This is how we are able to hope unswervingly and love extravagantly and do the work and be the change.


Mindi – Your Life on Purpose Coach

Certified Life and Health Coach, Certified NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques and Belief Clearing Practitioner and a Certified Clinical hypnotherapist.

She has been coaching, mentoring and guiding women for over 25 years. Energy is your currency as a woman in business and prioritizing yourself body, mind and soul in the number ONE key to growing your income and impact.

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