Sugar, Sugar – it’s not you…yes it is.

I know you are wondering how to finally break up with sugar…

One of the biggest challenges my clients face:

Cravings, why they have them in the first place, why the cravings feel out of control, and what to do about it.

So let’s start to solve that mystery now.

Let’s talk about why sugar becomes a craving for us in the first place.

Traditional nutritionists think of food in calories and grams of fat.

As a Life On Purpose Coach that is only ONE way I look at food.

Reminder – energy is everything and food either gives it or takes it away…


Another way is something really cool, and the concept is called the polarity of food.

What does that mean?

The concept of polarity is pretty simple. It’s based on the principle that everything has 2 “polarities” or extremes.

For example, hot and cold are extremes of the pole called temperature.

It’s the same way with every apparent opposite: hard and soft, noisy and quiet, light and dark.

When you find one thing, you’ll also find the potential for its opposite.

So to look at the world through the lens of polarity is to look at it in pairs: dark/light, night/day, yin/yang, etc.

How does this concept apply to food?

First, we want to consider that food is more than simply fuel.

It has energetic qualities that are beyond the science and mechanics of calories, fat grams, and nutrient values. For example, leafy greens grow upward, so they have a “lifting” energy, whereas root vegetables, like a potato or squash, grow deep into the ground, so they have a “grounding” energy.

So what does the polarity of food look like?

Where does the inherent energetic quality of different foods fall on the spectrum?

And how might this polarity in your food actually be CREATING your cravings?

Picture the spectrum with contracted on the left and expansive on the right.

All the way to the right, is the extreme of expansive bliss.

Foods that represent this type of energy are represented in alcohol, caffeine, sugar.

The energy of these foods can temporarily make you feel light, relaxed and happy – blissful!

But when you eat too many bliss foods you can start to feel spacey – brain foggy, a little forgetful, your gut gets off, bloated, and yes cranky – think crash after the bliss. I know I would get headaches from sugar overload in the past, before I kicked the sugar habit for good.

Then, on the other extreme are the contracted tension foods. These foods are contracting versus expansive.

Examples of these foods are salt, eggs and red meat.

These are the kinds of foods that put meat on your bones. They make you feel grounded and focused, but when you eat too many you start to feel tight, agitated and perhaps even angry.

So that’s all fine and good, but how do the two extremes of the polarity of food – the “Expansive Bliss” and the “Contracted Tension” – relate to sugar cravings?

I’m glad you asked!

If life is a system of opposites and your body is always trying to balance itself out, what do you think happens if you are having too many contracted foods?

What do you think your body might start craving to balance itself out?

It will crave the opposite of contracted foods – it will crave sweet, expansive bliss foods!

Do you find that if you have something salty like potato chips or heavy like pasta, you crave something sweet afterwards?

That’s the challenge, if we have too many contractive foods we’ll create cravings for the expansive.

What many people don’t realize – and I didn’t realize this myself either – is that were CREATING our cravings and in the process sabotaging our income by sabotaging our energy.

You can even look at activities in your life through the lens of the polarity of expansive and contractive.

Energy giving or energy stealing.

There are things that happen in your life that are a little more contractive – they create more tension. And then there are things that are more expansive – they create more relaxation.

Examples of very contractive activities are: working too much aka hours at the laptop or on the phone working your business, excessive drinking, staying up late, stress. When you have too many contractive activities, you’re going to crave more expansive foods, because you need relaxation and food is the first response for most of us, its easy to access.

If you don’t allow yourself to relax, to balance, then you’ll find yourself bingeing on wine, chocolate, bread, desserts.

Your body is begging for a break, it wants hydration, sleep, reading, meditation, walking, taking a bath.

If you’ve been driving in awful traffic or you had a really stressful day at work – what do you usually crave?

Sweets or a martini – expansive foods. That craving is your body trying to balance itself out again in the ways it has in the past – auto pilot habits.

So when I’m working with clients to double their energy and deconstruct their cravings, we don’t just look at the foods they’re eating, but also their lifestyle, their mindset, their habits..

Everything is energy – foods, thoughts, activities – they give energy or they take it away.

Stopping the sugar craving cycle is the first step in doubling your energy and growing your business.

How is sugar keeping you from growing the business and creating the life that you want?

ENERGY not the next best funnel or strategy is what will give you the freedom to grow your business while surrendering the hustle, the overthinking, the stress and the overwhelm.

What can you do next?

Grab my 5 steps to double your energy here and commit to noticing your energy levels and prioritizing the energy producing habits.





Mindi – Your Life on Purpose Coach

Certified Life and Health Coach, Certified NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques and Belief Clearing Practitioner and a Certified Clinical hypnotherapist.


She has been coaching, mentoring and guiding women for over 25 years. Energy is your currency as a woman in business and prioritizing yourself body, mind and soul in the number ONE key to growing your income and impact.


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