How to Identify and Release Limiting Beliefs

How to Identify and Release Limiting Beliefs

During my time on The Direct Sellers Podcast with Rachel Perry we chat about letting go of your limiting beliefs!

Discussion Details:

  • What are limiting beliefs and how it effects your mindset
  • What it means when our brain deletes, destroys, and generalizes based on your beliefs
  • RAS (Reticular Activating System) – filters out what you don’t know
  • Once you decide to believe in something more empowering you will also create habits for this!
  • How do you rewire your brain?
    • Is this belief coming from a place of protection?
    • Start rewiring in the direction you want.
    • What would be available to you if you decided on something a little more empowering than “I can’t”
  • What limiting beliefs are you having that is masquerading as protection
  • When we think a thought habitually, it becomes a belief and an emotion.
  • Understanding the importance of surrounding yourself with people who want you to succeed

limiting beliefs

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