Mindi’s Favorite Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Podcast Love

Podcasts, podcasts everywhere – How does a girl decide?

Good question!

I use podcasts for enrichment, personal development and business. Body, Mind and Soul Fitness, duh!

So I’m going to stay in that realm, however with a quick google search of the top podcasts you’ll find a big variety like dating, true crime, pop culture, historical, hysterical and more!

And backing to choosing…

Google the topic you are looking for like healthy habits or successful mindset and you’ll have a ton o’ options.

You can ask around, post on FB or in your insta stories– some of you have asked me already♥

See if your fave inspo person has a podcast, this is how I found all my favorite favorites.

And finally listen to me, lol.

Imma podcast junkie

Yep I am a podcast junkie, not sure what I even did before them. Today I’ll share my favorites, the ones I listen to on repeat, as well as a ton of other great ones I not only listen to, BUT some I’ve had the privileged of being a guest on.

It’s a something for everyone list – health, wellness, business, mindset, success, faith and fitness!

Ready, Set, Listen

Here goes:

My number one, hands down is for business and it’s James Wedmore.

My biz besties know I have a total mindset crush on him.

Mind Your Business Podcast

The rest of these are in no special order 😉

Emily Aarons, Intuitive Healer & Clarity Coach – Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast (Business, Intuition and Woo)

Jim Fortin, Transformational Coach – The Jim Fortin Podcast ( Identity transformation through thoughts and habits)

Brooke Castillo, Life Coach and Mogul – The Life Coach School Podcast (Business and health and wellness)

Kathrin Zenkina, Manifestation Coach and 7plus Figure Entrepreneur – The Manifestation Babe (personal development for all things manifesting, mindset & more)

Angela Naumann, Certified life and high performance mindset coach – Unleash Your Success (This podcast is about helping you stop the mean girl in your head, drop the half-*ss habits that are sabotaging your business, and start BEing the Courageous, Confident CEO of your life and business!)

Laurence Annez, PCOS 7 CNP Health Coach and more – Addicted to Healthy

Rachel Ngom, Strategic Business Coach – She’s Making an Impact

Jessica Gronas, Christian Mindset and Health Coach – Fit and Faithful (The Fit & Faithful Podcast is for the God-fearing woman who is yearning for peace, balance and uncovering her inner strength. In this show, I will be covering a variety of topics to enhance your emotional health including fitness, nutrition and faith. I am so excited to share stories, tips, and lessons to support you in your fitness and faith journey!)

Cassie Righter,  Strategic Business Coach – Lead to Empower (This one is under going some changes but the past episodes are geared for Mompreneurs to make an impact without going into overwhelm)

Andréa A. Michel, Intuitive transformational coach, certified life coach, speaker and retired corporate controller (accountant)  – Finding Bliss (Hear how happiness comes from internal forces and can be created…and attracted! Dig deeper to find Religion and Science may not be so different when it comes to the law of attraction. Attract the bliss you want and live the life you crave).

Paul Fishman, Self Love Coach – The Road to Self Love (Join Self Love Coach, Paul Fishman, and his guests literally and figuratively on the road to self love. You can expect candid conversation about life, self love and a road trip game or two!)

Amanda Beilke, Life Coach – The You Matter Podcast (Christian, intentionally creating a life worth falling in love with).

Staying connected beyond podcasts

Whew – that’s not even all of them BUT it’s a great start!

I’d love to hear what you think and do you have a fave I need to be listening to??

Thank you for being here, thank you for allowing me into your space.


Learning from podcasts is one great way to grow.

Here are a few more ways to reach your dreams and claim your inevitable success

Gratitude, Productivity and More

Boost Energy, Productivity and Success!

Breaking down fear and turning it into FUEL for success


Connection makes all the difference♥

I see you and you are not alone.

One of the ways I connect is in my private FB group…are you in the community? Join us


And finally –

It’s quickly approaching the holidays and I know first hand how stressful that can be.

You deserve to enjoy not only the holidays, but every day friend. Taking time to listen to a podcast, talk a walk or take 5 big deep breaths is not selfish, it’s vital to your soul.

You know you also get to have a strategy call with me. Yep, for free. An entire call dedicated to helping you figure out where and why you are stuck, how to move away from what you no longer want (like stress, overwhelm, extra pounds and brain fog) and how to start prioritizing yourself so you have the energy you need to make the income and the impact you desire! Click here NOW♥


Please, let me know how I can support you♥




Life on Purpose Coach for Female Entrepreneurs – Body, Mind and Soul Fitness


Mindi Huebner is a Certified Life and Health Coach and a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner. She has been coaching, mentoring and guiding women for over 25 years. She fully believes self-care is vital to having the business and the life you so deeply desire!



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