Do this one thing to start controlling your habits.

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Habits and the weekend…

It’s the freakin’ weekend and I’m gonna have me some fun…

Any one recognize that song? LOL

I’m a singer, hummer, dancer – all the time. Sometimes I sing real quiet under my breath and then realize I’m in public and I probably sound nuts! So I stop and then before I know. it I’ve started again…it may be a problem – or not! Work in progress here.

Living for the weekend?

Are you ready for the weekend?

I am, but not in a the week always sucks so I live for weekends kinda way. I decided long ago, that type of existing was not for me. Besides being a singer, I’m also a silver lining seeker. I can find the nugget of good in just about anything. And I want to! Deciding is key.

Decide and practice and make it habitual

It took a decision and tons of practice and I’ve thankfully made it a habit.

What about you? Think about some habits you have that really serve you, they really keep you in joy, in a high vibe frame of mind. We are basically controlled by our habits. Those that serve us and those that don’t.

Habits – we have them and they have us…

Tuesday night I was the keynote speaker at a Women’s Wellness Event. It was awesome.

The room was filled with beautiful women seeking knowledge…yay.

Afterward I offered a few spots for some laser coaching, they went speedy quick. And the ladies felt so equipped from their session.

In the sessions I noticed a theme, the amazing women had habits keeping them in a place they were ready to move from. Habits of thought that no longer applied, habits of feelings that were no longer true, habits body, mind and soul.

You get to be different, think different – Decide.

So what about you friend?

Are you in the habit of living for the weekend?

Wishing the week away so you can have two days that speed by and suddenly it’s Monday and damn, here we go again.

You get to change that. I can hear some of you now, sure Mindi, whatever.

You get to think greater thoughts – Decide.

Nope really. You are the thinker of your thoughts. You are the one thinking the week days suck. What if you thought a greater thought. One that made you feel at least neutral instead of yucky. And then after a while you get to switch that neutral thought to one that actually makes you feel good.

You are that powerful. POWER-FULL. Full of power.

You are using it everyday to create your current thoughts>feelings>beliefs>actions>results.

Take a Power Pose

This gives me visions of a superhero – Wonder Woman actually. Imma a fan.

power pose, purpose, mindi huebner, wonder woman, faith, coaching

Sorry its a little blurry, but you’re getting the idea. Embrace your power!

Are you using your super powers for good or evil – I’m half kidding. You are powerful sis, you get to decide and make changes so that your thoughts start creating feelings you want and beliefs that align with actions and results that are what you deserve in life!

I’m so passionate about this! About you and your limitlessness.

When will you decide you are done with existing, done with living for the weekend, done with putting yourself down, done with feeling meh or worse? Done, done, done. Great, I’m here♥

You are worthy! It’s already decided, are you on board?

I see you and you are soooooo not alone.

Yes, we are controlled by our habits and we can create new habits that move us closer to the life, the business, the body, the energy, the EVERYTHING we want.

Who’s with me – HANDS UP!! Let’s do this♥

Wanna read a little more on habits:

Creating Healthy Ones!

Micro and Macro Habits

I want to support you – I’ve opened up a few spots for a 45 minute Strategy session with me.

Lets get clear on what’s keeping you from having the habits and more you want to live an abundant, develop a powerful vision for what’s next and exactly how to get there!

Click HERE but hurry, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

I’m so glad you are reading this, it’s an honor to be in community with you.

Another way I love to connect is in my private FB group…have you joined us there? Join us



Life on Purpose Coach – Body, Mind, Soul Fitness for Female Entrepreneurs

Mindi Huebner is a Certified Life and Health Coach and a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner.

She has been coaching, mentoring and guiding women for over 25 years. She fully believes self-care is vital to having the business and the life you so deeply desire!

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