Creating habits to reach your goals.


Habits help us get closer to what we want or farther away from it…

In a recent interview with Nate Peo on his All In Podcast we unpacked so much amazingness.

Mindset, reframes, habits…all the things

Here are some highlights:

Your health is everything. I mean right?

When we don’t have our health, it doesn’t matter how much money we have, all the accolades and followers and all that other stuff. If we don’t feel good, none of it matters.

I bring this holistic piece to my success coaching and to my business coaching. Sleep, water, rest…health.

NLP – a tool to rewire our brains for success.

Reframes: I have a client who had a lot of money going out and it was very stressful and it was going into her children’s mouth, braces. Right. And so she, like, this is a bill and this is so stressful.

What are you gaining from this? Tell me all the benefits of shelling out this money every month. And so, as we talked through all the reasons why her kids got to have braces, got to, it was a choice she made. She then could reframe that from this bill that was stressful to this investment, literally in her children’s lives.

NLP principles of success:

Know your why. Take the action. Look at the data…what worked? How do I get to show up differently next time? Who do I get to be the next time in the future. Be willing to change. Focus on excellence.Live with gratitude and integrity

Words to lose and words to use:

‘From now on’ replaces ‘I should have’. Should is just shame and there’s no good energy in “you should have”. From now on, in the future., next time I’m going to… I’m going to show up this way because I already got the results when I showed up this one I made, and they weren’t my favorite. So now I’m going to tweak that, and I’m going to show up different again. Experiential learning is when we learn by doing the thing.

Lets talk mental rehearsal and Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps.

I am seeing and hearing and tasting and smelling and embodying myself walking through a scenario. The amazing thing about mental rehearsal, is we can see ourselves being successful.

Michael Phelps won a gold medal, even though his watch his goggles got filled with water, and that was because he had mentally rehearsed so many times. He knew exactly what to do. Well, he didn’t just rehearse a perfect race. He also rehearsed Plan B and Plan C. And so, in Plan B or C, I’m not sure which water got in his goggles. So then, now Who am I be. Now, how am I showing that. Now, how am I being at cause and moving forward and making the best of this, and still getting the outcome that I want.

 Another thing about mental rehearsal is your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. So when we imagine this scenario, we also lower stress because we imagine it and imagine it and imagine it, and then we get there, and the brains like oh we’ve already been here, and the body’s like yeah we’ve already been here. We got this. It lowers stress because you’re, you’re there the mind body connection the neurotransmitters is real, that’s a real thing. Period. You can visualize something and feel it in your body like you just said. And so when you get that going. That also helps lower your stress when you’re walking into a situation that you’ve never been in that’s that’s pretty crazy. 

Grab my free guided mental rehearsal here

I love coaching established female entrepreneurs looking to take their income to the next level. Helping them create thoughts and beliefs and habits and an identity that will serve them. We create massive change in those things, and it’s actually with small shifts. Creating massive change is not equated with massive work all the time. There’s inner work, there’s deep inner work. What I find with my clients is they. At first they think, Oh, I just need the next shiny thing. I need to start a podcast, I need the better Facebook ads, and what it really is – thoughts. It’s the self sabotage, it’s the fear, it’s those things it’s that same mountain they keep going around.

And once we get across that bridge, and they start shifting those habits and creating those new thoughts and have this new identity that they’re evolving into all the time, and things have a much more growth mindset than fixed mindset, they step into their limitlessness, honestly.  



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