Your TOP TWO ingredients for habit success!

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for increased productivity, more energy and more focus, right? Enter habit success, the how and the why.

You’re running a business and living your life and you seriously need these things in abundance. Not to worry, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s talk about those frenemies…our habits. They can be our best friends when we create them to move us closer to what we want. They can also be like an enemy, blocking us from our dreams!

Habits – specifically Macro Habits and Micro Habits

When we decide we want something different, like increased energy, or we want to be someone different, a next level version of our amazing selves, how do we go about achieving these things?

We set outcomes AND we set up conditions for inevitable success, wait, what?

Yep, enter macro and micro habits.

Outcome = Macro habits
I want to move my body more to increase energy
I want to drink more water to increase focus
I want to reduce stress because stress steals my energy

Conditions for inevitable success = micro habits

I want to move my body more to increase energy

  • micro habit – put in in my schedule as unbreakable date with myself
  • micro habit – get my work out clothes ready the night before/ have my walking shoes in the car
  • micro habit – have my yoga video cued up/my fave podcast ready for my walk

I want to drink more water to increase focus/productivity

  • micro habit – buy a bottle/mug specifically for consuming copious amounts of water, make it fun
  • micro habit – set a reminder on my phone every 2 hours to drink my water, make it fun
  • micro habit – start liking and then loving water, add lime or mint or cucumber if you don’t, make it fun

I want to reduce stress because stress steals my energy

  • micro habit – start my day in gratitude (not checking email or looking at my phone or watching the news)
  • micro habit – practice breathing, seriously – it’s something we forget to do – 2 or 3 intentional deep breaths are magical
  • micro habit – remember that I am the thinker of my thoughts and they create my reality – Am I thinking stress-filled thoughts? Time to think a new, better thought!

Finally, we are always winning the game we are playing.

If we constantly tell ourselves were so stressed out, we will be – WE WILL WIN. How about flipping that script, that story in your head? Try winning the game of not being stressed out, winning the game of gratitude for being an entrepreneur, a creator. Win the game of “I create my reality and I’m creating more energy!”.

Decide what you really want in your health, your business, your life – define those macro and micro habits and see your productivity, energy and focus increase!

Grab my free guided mental rehearsal – get in the habit of success!

Here’s to your inevitable success!

Habits are key!

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