Dream it, Plan it, Be it, Achieve it – Success!

The Essential Steps of Success

How to get what you want looks like following a simple success process with some essential steps.

What are those success steps?

Knowing what you want – Outcome

Taking real Action

Paying attention to the Results

Being Ready to make Changes

Focusing on Excellence

Living with Gratitude & Integrity

Ready to get started, of course you are!

Outcomes are the results we get from the action we take in the pursuit of our goals.

Goals are an aim, a direction and a purpose and help us stay the course.

You’ve got goals, don’t you?

I know there are things in your life you want, right?

Take a few minutes and dream about what you want. Do a brain download.

If I waved my magic success wand over you right now…

You would be doing ___________________

You would be thinking ______________________

You would be feeling _______________________

You would be hearing ________________________

You would be seeing ________________________

Which dream is the most important right now?

Knowing your outcome is VITAL to achieving…anything.


Now we step into the process of doing and Take action.

Actions must move the needle in the direction of what you want.

If you want to have more energy you can:

Drink more water

Get more rest

Eat foods that give energy

Move your body


Now we look at the Results we got from taking the action.

Results are data – they all tell me something because they are like a GPS.

The results that move me toward what I want show me the GPS is set in the right direction.

The results that move me away from what I want tell me I get to make a change.

Drink more water: I felt clearer and because I had to pee more, I moved my body more.

Get more rest: I started going to bed 10 minutes earlier…result unclear

Eat foods that give energy: I did not do this

Move your body: a little more than normal, I felt good after.


Making Changes:

Now it’s time to adapt.

Where will I make changes in order to get my outcome?

Is it in a behavior or action?

In my identity?

In a belief that is keeping me stuck?

Drink more water: I will continue to add more water

Get more rest: this week I’ll go to bed 15 minutes earlier and be open to what’s awesome about it

Eat foods that give energy: I will pay attention to how I feel after breakfast and see if what I’m eating is giving or taking energy.

Move your body: I will walk around the office, the block, ________ for 5 mins every day, or 10 minutes or…


Focusing on Excellence looks like your personal best.

It does NOT look like perfection or comparison but it does look like showing up for yourself because you can and you are worth it.

Drink more water – I’m doing pretty awesome here, yay me

Get more rest – still working on this…I’m on a streak of 15 minutes early for the last week and I’m proud of myself

Eat foods that give energy: wow, I’m surprised at how the food I eat affects me. I’m eating less ______ and more ______ and I have way more energy.

Move your body: last week was rough, it was so cold I didn’t get outside every day. I’ll walk some laps around the house with music on and keep moving forward and creating energy.


Living with Gratitude and Integrity

Gratitude literally changes your brain waves and your mood.

Take one minute right now to feel grateful.

Call to mind something or someone that you love having in your life.

Breath it in, sit in it.

Now look at your outcome: having more energy and look at the actions you are taking to achieve it.

I’m grateful for:

Clean water, my bed, learning to listen to my body when I eat, moving my body when I choose….

Gratitude changes everything.


Integrity is also known as living by your deepest values, being honest with yourself and others, and always keep your word.

Why does integrity matter?

If you say you want to have more energy but you never keep your word to yourself or if you believe that you are not really worth spending the time on to achieve your goals, you will be in a constant struggle against yourself.

Integrity is also defined as the state of being whole and undivided. Its when what you say, do and believe are in alignment with one another.

Do an integrity check and be curious about what you find. No need to judge yourself. Where can some changes be made? Is it time to redefine your values? There is no wrong answer here – how do you get to be undivided and whole and what steps are next for getting there?


Let’s recap the steps:

Knowing Your Outcome

Taking real Action

Paying attention to the Results

Being Ready to make Changes

Focusing on Excellence

Living with Gratitude & Integrity


Remember, we get what we focus on so why not focus on what you want?

I’d love for you to grab my free guided meditation for success! Start your day with thoughts about your success!

Now you know the steps to create a road map for your success, use the mediation to shift your thoughts into success mode.

XO – Mindi

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