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The Mindset Series – Leveling Up Your Thoughts To Change Your Life With Mindi Huebner

If you know me, then you know. I love being a podcast guest! I get to meet the most amazing people, like Lisa, a real estate investor guru and a difference maker who is leveling up and helping others do the same.

Here are a few excerpts from the Leveling Up Your Thoughts To Change Your Lifecanva interview – plus the full youtube interview above.

The Level Up REI Podcast

I am excited to bring you another amazing guest as a part of my series on exploring the impact mindset has on you achieving your goals, be it real estate, career, business, but most importantly, your ability to create the life that you truly want. On this episode, I am honored to have with me Mindi Huebner. Thank you for coming on the show.

Thank you so much. It’s my honor to be here. I am so excited to share with your readers how mindset is everything.

Can you please introduce yourself?

Yes, absolutely. I’m Mindi Huebner. I am a certified NLP practitioner, a clinical hypnotherapist and lots of other certifications for coaching. For me, that was about getting more techniques, having more tools in the tool belt for my clients. I coach female entrepreneurs specifically to create massive change in their thoughts, habits, mindsets, and beliefs so that they can have the business and the life that they want.

For readers who are reading, you’re probably thinking, “Mindi, she’s not a typical real estate investor guest,” that I typically have on my show. Yes, that’s accurate. This episode is going to be focused on mindset. For me, you’re wondering, “Why do I need even consider mindset?” If you haven’t realized already, I definitely have experienced it where 2020 to me has been the biggest test for mindset and mental toughness and being able to still see opportunities despite so much going wrong in the world. There were pain and death and destruction and everything and being able to still find hope to continue to move forward. As this episode comes out in January of 2021, I hope that what you read on this episode helps you to start 2021 with more awareness about how your mindset could be impacting you and the opportunities that you see and don’t see that might be right in front of you. To get started, can you talk a little bit about from a mindset perspective, the impact of mindset you’ve seen personally with your clients and impacting going forward for 2021?

Leveling Up

Our thoughts create our feelings and emotions which create beliefs that move us to take action and/or inaction and that it how we get our results. Our thoughts create our reality because our reality is our results. We’re always winning the game that we’re playing. If we’re looking around and our reality, our results are not what we say we want, we get to reverse engineer all the way back to, “What am I thinking? What is my mindset about this?” We’re always winning the game we’re playing. If we’re playing the game of, “I’m so stressed out. There are no opportunities, no money. There’s nothing on the market.” Whatever that thought process is going on, you win. You’re that powerful.

Then we can go back to, “Since what I focus on grows and I want to focus on seeing the opportunities, who do I get to be to see the opportunities?” The other thing about mindset is the way your brain works. Your brain deletes, distorts and generalizes based on your beliefs. If your belief is 2020 is the worst and it’s never going to get better, the only things that your brain will allow in are all the things that support that belief. It will be very difficult to see things that discount that belief, things that show you the opposite of that. When we have a belief like that, a belief that things can’t turn around, that everything sucks. Whatever that belief is, we get to then unpack that belief, bust that belief, bring it out into the daylight to show it for what it is. A lie. Something that no longer serves us…

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