Increasing energy and focus with this one thing!

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Ready to increase your energy and focus right now?

Of course you are! Listen in and get ready to crush the habit of leaving open loops that steal your energy and focus. Imaging what increasing energy would feel like. Imagine what increasing energy would look like in your day. Who could you be with greater focus? I mean you’re already amazing AND you could be double amazing!

I had the serious pleasure of joining, for a second time, my friend and colleague Debra Shephard on The Debra Shephard Podcast

It’s a must listen to increase your energy & focus. Plus I’m giving you a secret weapon to start crushing the patterns that are stealing your energy.

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You’ll Learn

  • What productivity is and what productivity isn’t.
  • How to close loops in life, business and relationships and why this is essential for increasing your energy, focus and productivity.
  • The relationship between identity and productivity.
  • The beauty in finishing well.
  • The impact perfectionism has on energy, focus, productivity, simplicity and joy.
  • How a gratitude practice can improve your productivity.

And, more.

Links And Resources

I cannot wait to hear what you think about this tool for getting what you want in life!

Grab the guided mental rehersal if you havent done that yet!

XO- Mindi

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