Release Your Negative Habits Now!

Are your negative habits getting in the way of your success?

Habits are great for our success and growth but they can also hold us back. The key is to recognize our patterns!

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For instance, it’s easy to say “I’m so busy OR I’m constantly overwhelmed OR I just don’t have the time!”

Take a second and think about this. If you are constantly saying to yourself, “I AM so busy and I AM constantly overwhelmed”, your brain looks for things to prove that is true. You are literally training your brain to believe negative thoughts.

(This can also be procrastination, overspending/eating, perfectionism, etc.)

During my time on the She Turned Entrepreneur Podcast with Dori Stewart, we discussed how our THOUGHTS become our BELIEFS and our beliefs become our HABITS. We lead you into learning how to kick negative habits to the curb and look for cues to recognize patterns.


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