How to Dive Deep into Your Subconscious

What Are The Benefits of Hypnosis and NLP?

Let’s dive deeper into your subconscious and why I love hypnosis & NLP!

What is NLP?

NLP is the Study of the Mind and How to Model and Recreate Excellence. It’s Studying and Recreating Patterns of Success.

During the first session of my coaching program, we do an NLP timeline technique session. We go deep into your subconscious to release the triggers of your limiting beliefs. We take the learnings, the things that are going to move you forward that are positive, and they get to give you that momentum and that foundation of knowing that you are truly in control, that you get to decide how a word, a thought, a belief makes you feel. 

We move a ton of energy in the NLP session. We uncover triggers that you have carried for a very long time. After a session like that, you can expect to feel a little tired…maybe a lot tired. It really depends on you. I always recommend lots of water and nourishment and moving your body when it feels good and resting when it feels good, making sure you’re really tuning in. This is your perfect opportunity to start really fine-tuning your intuition. 

After the NLP session you can also expect things are going to look, feel and sound different, because you are different. You are different.

BONUS: The tools I teach you in the NLP session you can use yourself! That’s why I absolutely love using this framework in this Unlimited Mindset Mastery Laser Coaching.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the second base foundation.

I love this because every time I talk to a client about hypnosis, I go through a little list of what hypnosis is and isn’t.

Is it mind control? No. You’re not a zombie. It’s not me holding that watch up in front of you saying, “You’re getting very sleepy…” That’s all movie stuff, my friends.

It’s actually how we get to align your conscious and your subconscious. It’s a beautiful, super-relaxed state, which we also call a trance. What we get to use it for is to create feelings to free you from the thoughts, habits and beliefs that keep you overwhelmed, keep you overthinking, keep you in way too much self-doubt.

Through hypnosis, we can create thoughts so realistic that the body reacts biochemically.

Welcome to the mind-body connection!

Your Body is a Robot For Your Mind

I’m gonna prove it to you right now. I want you to think about something that you absolutely love, that just fills you with so much joy.

I want you to think about the best moment that you have had. Maybe you call it your mountaintop moment, your lifetime moment. Maybe it was when you got married or when you broke up, maybe it was when you got a puppy…whatever it is, that’s the moment I want you to fill up on.

You’re thinking the thoughts, and now you’re feeling the feels. Are you hearing the sounds? Can you also take all that in? 

This is what hypnosis does. Through hypnosis, we create thoughts so realistic, your body reacts biochemically, and a beautiful byproduct is that it can also reduce stress by creating positive habits and belief. 

I absolutely LOVE these two sessions, these two tools that I use, these two techniques in my framework. I wouldn’t do the program without them. That’s how much of a game-changer they are for the alignment and the success that I know you want. 

What to Expect After a Hypnosis Session

You can expect to feel different. You can expect to BE different. And as a bonus, I record a personalized influence meditation for you that you get to listen to for forty days to just keep layering in those thoughts and habits.

You’ll see how you are showing up differently. You’ll feel how you’re showing up differently. Holding on to limiting beliefs, to preconceived notions, all of the “shoulds” that we’ve got, the shame and the guilt…these things are all holding you back.

Changing the Vocabulary

Part of using NLP for reframes involves using language and patterns of success to shift your word choices. You can start releasing that shame/guilt and you’ll also start to release the limiting beliefs that go along with those words. 

Words are containers. They are energetic containers. Words will either empower you and give you energy, or they’ll disempower you and steal your energy.

Shifting away from what it looks like after you let go of phrases such as “I should,” “I have to.”

We get to shift over into, “I GET TO.”

When we recognize that we’re showing up in a way that no longer serves us, we can release that by blessing it and saying, “From now on,” “In the future,” and “Next time.”

These are language patterns of success. This is rewiring your brain. When you switch these words, you are LIMITLESS.

You are full of possibility. You are so capable. You are so worthy.

We don’t have time for shame and guilt. That’s just gonna hold us back. You get to release the triggers of your limiting beliefs, and using hypnosis to align your conscious and subconscious will do just that.

Next Up, Laser Coaching Sessions

In each laser session we’re reaffirming how you get to show up.

This is going to give you this amazing confidence that you can show up in your business in a way that feels good to you. This is what a soul-aligned business is all about: a business that serves you first, so you can then attract your soulmate clients. It’s feeding your soul. You’re going to be this beacon for clients to come to you so you can serve them in the way that is best for you so they can achieve their best as well.

This is something you get to step into and embody daily. This is alignment. This is how you achieve that next-level success that you have been seeking. 

Are you successful?

I’m going to guess YES since you’ve found yourself here.

You have big hopes, dreams and plans, and I have big space to hold for you to achieve those things! And it gets to start with Unlimited Mindset Mastery Laser Coaching. You get to rewire your brain. We get to start shifting the way you’re showing up, the way you believe in yourself.

You get to start winning the game. You’re playing a game, and you want to win. 

I am so excited to go on this journey with you. If you’re finding yourself saying yes, you want to work on rewiring your brain, you want to release the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from basically everything you desire, then all you have to do is go to and schedule a breakthrough call with me.

We’re gonna uncover what’s keeping you from achieving your desires, understand what you get to avoid, and how you get to start creating the results you deserve. We’re going to make sure that Unlimited Mindset Mastery Laser Coaching is the perfect fit for you!

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