How to Master Your Mindset in One Year!

How to Master Your Mindset in One Year!

Master your mindset through my laser coaching program in 12 months. You gain consistency, create good habits and break bad habits. This is what is going to change your business and change your life!

Twelve months allows for continued support for you and your empowering habit development, as well as learning to shift away from and release the disempowering habits.

Breaking Bad Habits

Now, remember how your brain works. It deletes, distorts, and generalizes based on your beliefs. When some of those beliefs are long-held, you create habits to prove those beliefs to yourself. Those habits have been around a long time, and breaking bad habits takes a lot longer than forming them.

The reason the program is twelve months long is because we get to continually set you up for success when it comes to breaking bad habits and getting to form new ones. We get to continually tap back into the identity of the woman who creates new habits to move her forward and lays down what disempowering habits are left. And when we trace that back, that goes to a belief, and that belief goes to a habitual thought.

How I Support You

Supporting your growth over an entire year starts through the three foundational sessions we do.

  1. The success strategy session
  2. The NLP timeline technique session
  3. The hypnosis session, (as well as the unlimited laser coaching sessions)

And because I understand you may need that immediate check-in, you’ll also have Voxer access to me, just to get those thoughts, those beliefs, and those feelings out immediately. You can hop right in and say, “This is what I’m trying to accomplish. This is what’s stopping me. This is something that I noticed coming up. This is something that triggered me, and I really wanna work through this.”

This twelve-month container of support will change your life, change your business, help you with breaking bad habits, and help you create that consistency. You can tap into that power of showing up the way you want to.

You, My Friend, Are Worthy of Support

The entrepreneurial life can be isolating sometimes, especially if we’re talking about the online entrepreneurial life. Tapping into the support I offer through Unlimited Mindset Mastery Laser Coaching helps build your confidence. That helps you make empowered choices that helps you grow in your consistency. 

What if you want to create a new habit rather than breaking bad habits?

The reason this twelve-month timeline is the best framework is we get to really dig into how you want to show up. We get to set a three-month plan and then see what new habits you’ve created, how you’ve been breaking bad habits, what new routines you’ve set up, what new patterns of success you’ve established that we can then copy and paste onto the achievement, the next identity, the next growth phase for you. 

You deserve this support, and that continued support will help you continue to show up for yourself. The continued support will help you really step into that identity of being the woman who you’re going to find yourself growing into by forming those empowered habits.

When we start to shift, when we start breaking bad habits, when we say “That’s it, I deserve a soul-aligned business and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make that happen,” we find new limiting beliefs that want to pop up. Not all the time, but sometimes we realize that something is keeping us from showing up exactly the way that we want to show up. We realize there is a nagging belief back there, or that there’s a habit that gets to shift now that maybe served us at one point but is no longer serving us.

The twelve-month span is the perfect amount of time to create the foundation, to start achieving all the success that you want, to recognize that mind/body connection, to start shifting those beliefs, to start winning the game you’re playing.

It’s a game you want to be winning, to start casting the vision and casting the vote. That twelve-month container allows us to have so many things come to fruition, and it allows you to have the support all the way along as you’re building, as you’re growing, as you’re embodying this new way of being, as you’re breaking bad habits.

I am so excited to go on this journey with you. If you’re finding yourself saying YES! I want to work on rewiring my brain, I want to release the limiting beliefs that are keeping me from everything I desire, then all you have to do is go to and schedule a breakthrough call with me.

We’re gonna uncover what’s keeping you from achieving your desires, understand what you get to avoid, and how you get to start creating the results you deserve.

We’re going to make sure that Unlimited Mindset Mastery Laser Coaching is the perfect fit for you!

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