How to Utilize the Benefits of Mindset Coaching

Nikki’s Unlimited Mindset Mastery Story!

I’m bringing you an amazing laser coaching client to speak about her experience and the benefits of her mindset coaching. Read Nikki’s Story below!

Nikki’s Story

Mindi: So who is Nikki? Who do you serve? Tell us all about it.

Nikki: I serve so many people. We are actually a multi-brand company. I have a company that teaches people to become professional copywriters called Filthy Rich Writer. I have a company that teaches people to build successful freelancing careers in any capacity called Fired-Up Freelance. And then this year, we’re also adding a whole new branch where we’re starting to talk specifically to entrepreneurs and teach them how to sell their courses effectively. So it’s big and it’s busy and it’s a lot of fun, but I’ve also invested in mindset coaching. 

Mindi: But I mean, you’re so successful. Don’t you have it all together? Isn’t it like, the bigger that you grow, it just gets easier and easier?

Nikki: Ha! No, absolutely not. It just gets harder and harder. There’s so much that I love about what I do, and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything other than building this business and helping people, but the bigger it gets, the more complicated it gets, the more opportunity I have to be in my head. And you know, the thing about mindset is when I was first starting my business, whenever people would say that I had to get my mindset straight, I was the one who’d be like, “That’s absurd. Just give me the strategies. You can keep your mindset. I’m just going to make money with the right strategies.” And of course, now that I’ve been doing this and I have become successful, I can tell you I became successful because of the mindset. You can’t set that aside. It’s integral to being successful in any capacity. 

How Unlimited Laser Coaching Has Helped

Mindi: So the Unlimited Laser Coaching, that’s a year-long program of unlimited twenty-minute sessions. How does my process aid you in the mindset process? How does that serve you so well?

Nikki: First of all, I love that I can reach out to you when I need you. When I’ve got something going on, I can book time and you can be there for me, ready to get me back on the right track, get my mind in the right place, or help me get into the right perspective. But also, it’s when I need you. I know other people who work with coaches who say, “Well, I have a call every two weeks,” or “I talk to my coach once a month,” or they talk to their coach, but sometimes they don’t have stuff that they want to work through. Or sometimes they don’t have an hour’s worth of stuff to work through.

On top of that, the fact is, I’m busy. It’s hard for me to go into my schedule and find an hour or whatever on my schedule, whereas twenty minutes is doable. It’s fantastic. I can go, “Oh my gosh, I really need to talk to Mindy.” I can check your schedule, and your availability is always fantastic. You’re busy, so I don’t know how you manage to work with so many people, but you set aside that time for us so that I can get in within a reasonable timeframe and get that help when I need it.

Mindi: Right. And there are times when we come together because we’re celebrating, too. It’s not all doom and gloom or just sifting through limiting beliefs. There’s a ton of celebrations.

Nikki: Exactly. And this process was truly amazing. Even when you gave me “homework,” it never felt like something I didn’t want to do. It never felt like homework. It was just stuff I was excited to do, and it all made complete sense. I don’t think there’s been a time yet that you’ve said, “What if you did this?” And I went, “No, absolutely not.” I’ve always been super excited to dig in.

Differences from Other Coaching Programs

Mindi: So how is this different from other coaching and other things that you’ve tried, specifically to shift perspective and mindset? 

Nikki: Sure, absolutely. Ever since I discovered that mindset really is the key, I’ve tried a bunch of different stuff. I’ve done courses, which are great, but—and I say this as someone who sells courses, very effective courses—it’s like extra work sometimes to hold yourself accountable. And self-paced stuff is really fantastic, but when the rest of your life is so busy, it can be hard to then make that time for yourself.

Whereas when you have an appointment, and especially when it’s a such a quick and effective appointment, it’s so much easier to commit to that and follow through on it. It’s not something like, “Well, I’m going to sign up for a year of coaching and then just kind of let it go.” Because first of all, I have the accountability, because there have been times when you’ve reached out and been like, “Uh, I haven’t seen you for a while.” Which is great, because I do sometimes need that accountability.

In addition, in comparison to other programs, I’m very careful about who I work with. There are a lot of coaches out there, and they can say a lot of things, but it was very important to me that I work with someone who truly had a level of expertise, who understands where I am and is truly capable. I wanted someone who has the skills and the insight and all of that to help me get to my next level, and the level beyond that, and so on. So that was one of the reasons that I was interested and looking forward to working with you, because you have the expertise. It was really important to me that you have that background and the depth of knowledge that I think, unfortunately, a lot of coaches out there just don’t have yet.

Thanks, Nikki!

Nikki: I appreciate you asking me to talk with you! I’m glad to have this opportunity. There are so many coaches and resources and all that kind of stuff out there, it can be so hard for people to sift through and find a high-quality coach who has the skills to be that resource for them. I’m glad to be able to be here and to actually say to anybody who’s listening that truly, Mindy is it. She is the real deal. She is top quality, so insightful, so smart, and probably one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and in my business. 

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