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You know how much I love being a podcast guest!

Last month I spent about an hour with the amazing​ Natalie Williams on her podcast – Tell Me Everything!

You can see from the highlights below we covered a lot of unlocking your magic ground.

I’m pulling out an excerpt about building self-esteem and self-confidence because, I love you and you get to build this every day.

Self-confidence and self-esteem

So my definition of self-confidence/self-esteem is a multifaceted. It is believing that you are worthy of happiness and success. Believing you are worthy. Knowing this, and women tend to struggle with this, not all women, but some women tend to struggle.

It is having the confidence in knowing that you can handle the challenges that life brings your way, and it’s also trusting your past self and trusting your future self.

Trusting Yourself

[Natalie is running a half marathon] Okay you decided, “I’m running a half marathon.” So, somewhere in there you trusted your past self to make a decision, and to follow through, you already knew that your past self has made a decision you followed through with, even if you didn’t think about this.

Practice and Build

Here’s what went on, very quickly, and you also then showed yourself – your future self, no worries. You get to trust you, because look at us, we decided and we did it and so deciding on the half marathon and then doing it also said to your future self we have faith in you, you’re gonna make good decisions because our past self made good decisions, and we build our self-esteem, we build our confidence!

A great question to ask ourselves when we go to do something is “Would my future self be clapping for me about this?”.

Listen to the full episode here

​paying attention to the energy of words we speak
​what your brain is thinking when you ‘decide’ to do something
​unpacking our ‘why’ to master our outcomes
​acting ‘as if’ and embodying the change you want
​the ‘belief busting blueprint’
​unpacking the relationship between our thoughts, beliefs and habits
​the process of mental rehearshing
A​nd lots of stories and personal examples that you’ll resonate with when considering applying this to the changes you wish to see in your own life

XO – Mindi

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