How To Manifest And Master Your Outcomes!

My world podcast tour is in full swing and I’m having a ball! What do you want to manifest? Me…another episode and here it is.

The Energy Within Podcast – Do You Really Want That? Setting Goals and How to Manifest What You Want w/ Mindi Huebner



Ready for a step-by-step guide to really knowing what you want, how to manifest it, and mastering your outcomes?


In this episode of The Energy Within, with Kerri Jokala  were talking goals, manifesting and mastering your outcomes. 

Goal Setting Versus Goal Getting

Let’s start with goal setting versus goal getting. Goals are great, they’re an aim, direction, and purpose. To manifest what we want. We first want to look at the processes and the outcomes to see the difference in who we ultimately want to become. The reason that we set goals and don’t get them is that we set them from the place of the person not achieving them. You can’t get there from here. But you can absolutely get there. So, goals are a direction, aim, and purpose.

The next level from a goal is the outcome..the actual result from the action or inaction taken in pursuit of the goal. We see outcomes in our lives all the time. We don’t always like them, but we see outcomes, right?

The next level of that is identity. Who are we being in that goal? So, this is why we goal set and forget or the difference between goal-setting versus goal-getting. We are not able to see that or ready to walk in, or even understand that we get to walk as the woman who has already reached that goal.

7 Keys to Manifest Anything

Use these seven keys to rewire your brain for success!

Success is not a destination, it’s a process.

  1. Know what you want
  2. Take action
  3. Look at the results aka check the data
  4. Be willing to change
  5. Show up in excellence…joy and ease
  6. Gratitude 
  7. Integrity

This is how you create the results that you want.

Now add in consistentcy and you able to

MASTER Your Outcomes

M – Meaningful 

A – Act as if 

S – Sensory 

T – Toward 

E Energy and Excitement

R – Responsible

Tune in to get down and dirty with us, we go deep into the process.

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XO – Mindi


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