How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Limitless Success

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Limitless Success

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs! In this interview, Sarah Dalton from The Peace and Productivity Podcast, and I chat about the importance of mindset and empowerment in our lives. I dive into the science of how our brain works, how to have a better mindset and what tools to use to achieve this mindset!

Structure is freedom

In order to be productive, you need to have control of your calendar (whether that be physical or mental). Knowing what needs to be worked on, where you have space to do something personal and when to sit down and focus is a great way to ensure you have an empowered mindset.

Becoming a Belief

Our brains delete, distort and generalize everything. For example, if you think that you are overwhelmed and you keep telling yourself that over and over again, it becomes a belief! This becomes an “I am” statement and it is now your identity.

At this point, you create habits to prove to yourself that you are overwhelmed. You have to make a decision if you will continue to be overwhelmed or reverse it by believing something else.

Disempowered Mindset

Many people struggle with limiting their beliefs. These beliefs usually stem from what we know as our “comfort zones”. Getting out of limiting beliefs involves better habits, which will take time. Ask yourself: Who am I being? Who do I want to be?

Creating a Vision

One of the tools I recommend is mental rehearsal. Start with a “well formed outcome” such as wanting to drink 8 glasses of water. Start visually seeing yourself drinking these glasses of water and use your other senses to help. See the glass in your hand, visualize how it will make you feel, etc.

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